A team with one thing in mind,

capturing beauty inside frames.

What we do

Photography is art, and art is what we do.


Nature is the mother of beauty, that is why we specialize in taking shots of the wonders of this world, whether it was a sunset, a lake or just a rabbit hopping happily. 


a smile can save a life, and behind every smile there is a hidden story.



Because there is a hidden meaning behind each and every building around town, we choose the most beautiful angle and bam, we take the shot.


Application Photos

Whether it was a photo for an application, a CV or a basic passports, we are your team.



in a world where knowledge is the most valuable currency, we are here to share our tricks on how to capture and edit the photos in the most elegant way.

Workshops and trips

our work in this club also include organizing trips and workshops where everyone is more than welcome to have a quality fun time with us, and get to know us personally.

Generating New Ideas. Creativity is our engine.

Because we believe that the mind has a never ending potential, we work on developing ideas each and every waking moment.


Pictures a year

Workshop Participants every Semester


You want to join us?

We are always happy to accept new members. As an “Außerordentliches Mitglied” you can use our gear and participate in every project. But there are no dutys.

If you want to become an “Ordentliches Mitglied” and earn more time in olydorf it is always better if you were a “Außerordentliches Mitglied” before. The election is always at the beginning of the semester.

Please contact us via email to join or ask further questions

Our Work

Here you can see some examples of our work


We are happy to provide you with pictures for your CV. We can offer appointments on a regular basis. Contact us well in advance to be sure to get your images in time.

Our Members

Here you can see some of our members. The list may not be complete

Constanze Linden


Malik Zaire


Ilayda Imal


Maria Reznikova


Helen Vagedes


You want to get in touch with us?