Bees in the Olympus

Dear visitor,

we are a small community of beekeepers consisting of students from the olympic village and care about our apiary as part of the olympic center association. 

Planned in 2017, realised 2018 and grown exponentially since then. We not only supply the olympic village with honey, we also work closely with the Studierendenwerk Munich. 

Since our founding, we aim to live in accordance and with respect for nature and to give an understanding of this to visitors. For this we invite students, residents and friends to accompany us to our bees all year round.

Thanks to our many projects no visit will be boring - one time we can show you the young colonies in the english garden, the other time to the queen bee breeders at the Tegernsee or we look at the beehives in a rapeseed field. But not only the honeybee has a spot in our hearts, we deeply care about our indigenous wild bees, butterflies, lizards and birds. During the season we maintain several bumblebee and wild bee nesting boxes. We nurture several wildflower meadows and for our birds we offer specialised nesting and feeding spots. We aim to include the whole olympic village in our undertakings.

Our current honey varieties

Lime tree (Tilia) Honey

In 2022 out honey is again a single variety lime tree honey. Sadly we are already sold out.


This year our girls have produced an immaculate "feinste Auslese" with a second to none water content of 16.6% .


Were especially proud of this one! Not only is it "feinste Auslese", it also has won the highest rank, GOLD 1A, from the german beekeepers association.

Noble creations

Sometimes we also have different specialties. This year, unfortunately, nothing is available.


This year we mixed our honey with chunks of honeycombs, a real titbid!


We publish delicious recipes around the theme of bees.


You can learn to make natural cosmetics from bee products with us.

And more

Candle-making and new courses are also held now and then.

Out of season, we try to inspire with courses on homemade cosmetics, our candles, and honey tastings.

The Beekeeping Community of Bienen im Olymp

Our beekeepers are and will all be trained in cooperation with the Beekeeping Association Munich e. V. for over two years, so they can work practically with a lot of professional knowledge and pass on sound knowledge. In addition, we train internally and externally weekly on various topics.

Come and visit us, you will be delighted.

Tours & Workshops



"Inside the beehive,

They buzz and fly about -

Honey in their bellies."

~ ChatGPT

"Those who want to increase their wealth should take the bees as an example. They collect the honey without destroying the flowers. They are even useful for flowers. Gather your wealth without destroying its sources, and it will increase steadily."
~ Buddha

"If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years
left to live. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals,
no more man."
~ Albert Einstein

"The keeping of bees is like the direction of sunbeams."
Freude an jedem Orte, man muss nur,
wie die Biene,
sie zu finden wissen.”
~ Henry David Thoreau

"Float like a
sting like a bee."
~ Muhammad Ali

How to reach us

Send us an email, and we will respond quickly. If you have a deeper interest in our activities and workshops, we can add you to our Whatsapp group for friends of beekeepers.